Lay’s American Style Cream & Onion Potato Chips

Relish the delectable combination of sour and cream perfectly blended with herb and onion flavour. From the everyday snack to the impromptu get-togethers, Lay’S chips are the perfect addition to any occasion. Whether it’s party time or family time, everyone loves gathering around the chip bowl. About the brand: Lay’s, the world’s largest and favourite snack food brand, has steadily established itself as an indispensable part of India’s snacking culture since its launch in 1995. With its irresistible taste, international and Indian flavours, Lay’s has established itself as a youth brand and continues to grow in the hearts and minds of its consumers. Lay’s is made with India’s best-quality fresh potatoes, simply sliced and cooked in edible vegetable oils, and then seasoned with delicious flavours!

Nutritional Facts > Per 100g

  • Energy (Kcal) – 547
  • Protein (g) – 6.4
  • Total Carbohydrate (g) – 53.9 of which sugars (g) – 4.7
  • Total Fat (g) – 34.0
  • Saturated Fat (g) – 13.4
  • Trans fat (g) – 0.1
  • Sodium – 652 mg.
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