Bambino Vermicelli

Rich in calcium, wheat and protein Bambino Vermicelli is a ready to use product that can be cooked in various ways. Prepare a creamy sweet kheer with milk and delicious dry fruits or a savoury upma or vegetable pulao using freshly cut vegetables, traditional Indian spices and roasted aromats. Bambino Vermicelli is made using a special process that ensures it is non-sticky and does not form lumps when cooking. Have it as a healthy evening snack or a mid-morning breakfast, either way Bambino Vermicelli has a mouth-watering flavour and aroma that will make all of your dishes extremely delicious. Easy to cook and tastier to eat, enjoy a generous helping of vermicelli that is ready in very less time.


Hard Wheat Semolina.

Nutritional Facts > Per 100gms:

  • Energy 361 Kcal
  • Protein 10.5g
  • Total Carbohydrates 77.5g
  • Total Fat 1g
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